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Personal Journal Entry of Inquisitor Hathek 2508.009M42

Personal Journal Entry of Inquisitor Hathek 2508.009M42

It has been a trying and difficult few weeks. About a month ago we thought the end for the aliens on Betor had come. The north-west had been cleared and the other two zones of infestation were under control. Thanks to the support (and welcome numbers of Imperial Guard) supplied by my Hereticus colleague Nikopolidis, I felt sure we would soon be rid of the threat posed by the Tyranids. Especially as I had been given assurances over and over that "Nemesis" was but a tiny splinter.

Fighting in the north has been brisk. At times the xenos break out from their hive node strongpoints and cause a great deal of destruction. When these outbreaks occur I have sent in fresh troops and we have always been able to turn the tide. Twice already Imperial forces have destroyed what appeared to be an important Tyranid "installation", which the Magos Biologis is referring to as a "hive node".

The recently arrived Venerators chapter, though mysterious and less than forthcoming about their purpose in the subsector, have been very helpful and have provided much needed elite support. In the north they have destroyed a hive node under construction and are pushing on to the final nests near Bielaupbrook. I am confident that the Tyranid threat here will be cleansed very shortly. The Imperial Guard would not have held on and Langenhofen would have fallen were it not for the timely arrival of the Astartes.

In the south the news has been less good. Only a few days ago the southern Tyranids launched a major attack on Marsenberg. The city was defended by PDF forces who fled in the face of the terrifying Xeno-warriors deployed by the hive mind. Worse was to come however, as a force of Dark Angels was left trapped with their backs to the sea. Of the half company that remained in the city, not one survived.

Barely had I received the news of the destruction of the city, then reports that Eigenfeld had become infested reached my command post. Fighting is street by street and of the most desparate kind. Re-invigorated, the Tyranids in the south have cut off Sonnige Insel and the city of Lindesberg, which can only be reached now by sea or air. It is imperative that we hold on to these settlements.

I have requested aid from Jellicoe's fleet. Perhaps if we can destroy the hive ships in the system the hive mind on the surface will be broken. It is still very difficult to get messages out and we are having to use runner vessels to take messages to Alphe for wider transmission. Further afield the Tyranids appear to have gone dormant, at least I have not heard of further attacks in the sector. For that at least we can be grateful.

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