Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Battle of Vaden

After facing minimal and weak resistance as Major General Petraeus' armoured columns advanced across the wastelands of northern Bastien, Petraeus soon encounted more determined and aggressive resistance as he approached the outskirts of the hive city of Vaden. The armoured units became locked in war of attrition in the dense urban terrain as remnant PDF units threw themselves into battle with increasing desperation and disregard to life. Fearing the loss of speed of his lightning war would enable the enemy to regroup and encircle them, Petraeus quickly set about organising a desisive offensive to take Vaden. Super-heavy tanks from the 4th Armoured company were brought forward to the front of the advance and reserves pouring in from the inital landing areas were to secure the perimeter

The two large concrete towers in the centre of the city housing arrays of flak guns and surface-to-air missile defenses prevented any major aerial operations, so Force Recon units started to test the defenses of the city, trying to find a weak point. After days of mapping the districts and fortifcations surrounding the city, an area to the north with minimal defense batteries was chosen as the assault point. Reinforced by units of Librians and the 1st Ultramarine Company, the Task Force was hastily organised and prepared to launch their offensive.

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