Monday, May 24, 2010

Sentinell seized

While the Imperial crusade on Bastien proceeded with astonishing speed and with almost unbelievable success, General Veers also had his eye on other worlds in the region. On Sentinell a small bridgehead had been established, and now the Raven guard were sent in to finish the job. The 5th Company, led by Shadow Captain Corvus arrived in the Sentinell system on 2305.010M42 and after an initial bombardment landed right on top of the Chaos headquarters in a lightning assault of shock and awe. Taken completely by surprise the Anticross forces, which had been much denuded to defend Bastien, were given no chance. Before they knew what hit them their vehicles were destroyed by fast moving assault squads, and the battle was over almost as soon as it had begun.

Sustaining minimal casualties Corvus led his company to glory personally, ripping apart armoured vehicles with his armoured limbs and hacking apart traitor marines with a righteous zeal. After the Anticross traitor marines had been dispatched, chaos resistence collapsed with alarming speed and the planet was soon under the control of the Imperium. Immediately Veers ordered the construction of defences and a base to provide even more support to the Perseus Deeps crusade.

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