Sunday, May 30, 2010

Betor: Tyranids strike south

By 05.010M42 the war against the Tyranids on Betor had almost become a forgotten war. With General Veers' crusade in the Perseus Deeps going well general Dempsey was denied all but the scantest of resources. Inquisitor Hathek lobbied for more, but his influence cut no ice with Imperial head quarters on Farport. To them the war against the Tyranids had been all but won once already, with fewer troops, Dempsey had more than adequate resources to prevent the loss of Betor and he should just get on with it.

While other Imperial agents continued to insist that hive fleet Nemesis was no more than an inconvenient splinter fleet, Tyranids boiled over the vast plains of Betor, swamping from all directions an isolated regiment of Groznians that attempted to slow their progress on Munchefeld. All contact was abruptly lost with the regiment and as far as anyone knew there were no survivors. Worse still the very planet itself seemed to be affected by the Tyranid presence, its tectonic stability degenerating and outbrakes of mass hysteria and insanity appearing amongst the civilian population and remaining defenders. An aide to Betor's High Command was even found sobbing uncontrollably in a broom cupboard screaming "The Hunger! The Hunger! IT THIRSTS!!!".

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