Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nemesis cleansed from Lucardium

The Tendril of Nemesis which had reached Lucardium in late 009M42 had been mostly dormant since the initial planetfall, but the Tau commanders on Cernunnos were concerned the infestation could spread. Since then the Tau had been unable to mount a significant mission against the Tyranids in the deep valleys of Lucardium until the situation on Minos had been nrought under control. Following Moonshine’s victory over the Imperium on the smaller colony, a portion of his force was sent to Lucardium to clear xenos, while the rest were redeployed to Tarsis Major to reinforce Shadowstrike.

The fighting on Lucardium against the Tyranids was difficult and bloody, with the Tau taking heavy casualties. However with the Tyranids cut off from the rest of their hive mind, their attacks, though locally vicious and successful, were uncoordinated and ultimately futile. By 2805.010M42 the Tau had cleared the valleys and rid themselves once again of the alien menace.

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