Sunday, May 30, 2010

Valboris: Trinity infested

The reavers and pirates who pledge fealty to the chaos powers are not known for their community spirit, so it was weeks before anyone noticed or cared that no contact could be made with remote Frontiersville, situated in the planet's barren North Reach region. It was only when an armed warband sent to probe the settlement disappeared without trace that the interest of the traitor legions operating out of Valboris was aroused. Fearing rebellion and dissent, the Anticross faction dispatched a mechanised column to reconnoitre the settlement and make an example if necessary.

When they arrived on the outskirts of Frontiersville the traitor marines found the settlement ruined and its streets deserted. Cautiously they made their way deeper into the maze of rubble and hollow shells. Even so, they were caught by surprise when their lead vehicles were set upon and destroyed. Identification of the attackers was soon made: Tyranids!

The Anticross responded by launching a concerted and effective counter attack, bringing down the ambushers only to run into a second and much larger wave of Tyranids boiling out of the town's heart. With their lead elements being ripped to shreds and reports of further Tyranids arriving from behind them, The Anticross began a disciplined retreat from the jaws of the ambush, mauling the Tyranids attempting to cut off their retreat before escaping into the surrounding badlands on foot to await extraction, their transports and vehicles having been reduced to smouldering wreckage.

With much of their strength deployed to Bastion in their ongoing war with the Imperium the Traitor Legions were unable to contain the Tyranid threat as the tendril's of Nemesis spread across the Northern Reach and infested much of neighbouring Trinity before an effective defence could be mustered. The minions of chaos now faced a war on two fronts.

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