Thursday, July 26, 2012

Calliden campaign continues

The war on Calliden continued into late 07.012M42 with the Necrons continuing their advance north. On 2007.M42 the Iron Warriors continued their offensive against the Eldar, pushing the front line back so that the Eldar controlled and ever decreasing pocket of land. By 2207.012M42 the Eldar realised that they would be unable to hold the Iron Warriors without committing thousands of troops, something they were not willing to sacrifice just yet, and abandonned the world, at least for now. The Iron Warriors had seen of the Eldar threat and now turned south west to face the Necrons.

Unfortunately for the Iron Warriors, while they were busy mopping up the Eldar, the Necrons chose to launch their new offensive hundreds of miles west, against the section of the line held by the Conquerers of Gorgoroth. Very quickly the human forces were overwhelmed by the alien advance and the traitor legions of Gorgoroth were required to counter attack to hold the line. The counter attack was however a disaster which saw entire units of traitor astartes wiped out, and their equipment turned into molten slag. Seeing this panic swept up and down the human lines and a section of the front fifty miles long simply collapsed, allowing the Necrons to exploit through the gap, trapping some 300,000 traitor guardsmen in the process.

Upon hearing the news of the collapse in the west, the Iron Warriors quickly moved to establish a new defensive line extending from Hextrac and Durin. This they achieved, stabilising and shortening the line to only a few hundred miles long. However, as the Iron Warriors began fortifying their new defences, it became abundantly clear to the beseiged citizens of Velorur that they were to be sacrificed. After a period of resistance to put on a show, the Necrons easily took the city, their fourth since the campaign began. The region of Midland had fallen and now the north of Calliden and the Caldar plateau lay wide open should the Hextrac-During line be breached.

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