Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nemesis activity increases in the Deeps

Tyranid activity in the Perseus Deeps increased in the second half of 07.012M42, as it became clearer that 010M42 and 011M42's event on Enaloth may have been a precursor to a full splinter fleet rather than a rogue tendril. On 1807.012M42 the Tau colony of Parius reported alien activity, and the Hunter Cadre sent to investigate was badly mauled while trying to clear one of their settlements of the Tyranid menace. The Tau were forced to pull back and surrender the settlement to Nemesis, at least for the time being, until maximum force could be brought to bear.

Meanwhile a similar sized encounter was going on on the Necron world of Enaloth. After protracted fighting with the Necrons ont he predominantly barren world, the Tyranids eventually withdrew, even though they had bested the Necrons in the combat. It almost seemd to Imperial analyticae that Nemesis had no real interest in existing Necron Worlds, but was a direct competitor in resources regarding the rest of the worlds in the Perseus Deeps. Nemesis appeared to understand that the Necron Empire, or Harakhty Dynasty, was intent on dominating the Deeps and enslaving its population to its will, while the Tyranids were themselves intent on harvesting the natural resources of the region. These objectives being clearly incompatible, were apparently leading to Nemesis deliberately attempting to reduce the Necrons' war making assets. In other words Nemesis was participating in grand strategy.

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