Friday, July 20, 2012

Imperial Priorities

My lord,

As you requested here is a summary of our current strategic position in the Aleph Sector.

The Aleph Sector, divided into the Aleph, Vastrid, Zadoc and Valitane subsectors contains within it vast areas which are not designated to belong to a particlar subsector, such as the Aurelis Deeps region and the Perseus Deeps. In this summary I shall only consider the two theatres of war which are currently active, those of the Perseus Deeps and the Zadoc subsector.

The Imperium currently only has one loyal major world in the Aleph subsector, the rest being held by the rebellious Federacy, and while re-conquest of this region is desirable, it is not of the highest priority. Similarly actions in the Vastrid sector are minimal, while the Valitane subsector remains at peace. The Vastrid sector has seen greater security following the successful crusade against chaos and as such I recommend we keep strategic asset concentrations as they are. A single rapid reaction battlegroup should suffice, led by one battleship and containing no more than ten Imperial Guard regiments, although General Pollack will probably ask for far more resources.

The Zadoc Subsector
Primary Threats: Nemesis, Tau, Orks

Following the loss of Tarsis Major to the Tau we have seen nothing but reversals in this subsector. Betor has been consumed by the Tyranid menace and Alphe is now infested. This has lead to a 75% reduction in the import of foodstuffs on Zadoc itself. While Libria is marginally self sufficient in food, Zadoc, the subsector capital, is not. There have been a number of food riots and the average consumption of calories per day has shrunk to 1500 per person. Tyranteous has responded, exporting 135% of its normal yield, but we urgently need to open a new route for the import of staple foods, or I fear the population of Zadoc may look elsewhere for deliverance. Already chaos cults have been uncovered and there is a growing federacy leaning within the political elite. This may need intervention, but our forces are not strong enough to face the enemies within as well as those without.

The Tau continue to threaten expansion into the Zadoc subsector, but their strength has been spent in their Tarsis and Melberg campaigns, and their bases in the Perseus Deeps have come under threat from the Necrons. I do not forsee a new campaign in the Zadoc subsector by the Tau in the near future, but the loss of the Mabb Nebula would almost certainly see them attempt to wrestle Tyranteous from our grasp, with the obvious dire consequences for Zadoc and to a lesser extent Libria.

The Orks have been stirring of late in the Vork Ork Expanse, and the risk of a new Waagh! is increased. This would likely see aggressive ork actions in the Mabb Nebula and even threaten Zadoc and Tyranteous. Nemesis meanwhile continues to menace at the fringes of the region, and I fear that without decisive action to eliminate the core hive fleet, their projected paths will diverge - one laying waste to much of the Mabb Nebula, the other scouring the Rim World before passing into the Perseus Deeps. We must make a stand against the foul aliens soon.

I recommend the increase of General Alexander's forces to two full battlegroups. The first is already at Alexander's disposal. The second should be pulled from General Veers, as I will explain in my analysis of the situation of the Perseus Deeps. I have also concluded that General Alexander's priorities are correct. We should strike first in the Rim Worlds then join up with Veers in an assault against chaos at Grimlock. This would open a second reliable route into the subsector free from Tau blockade, greatly easing the food shortages on Zadoc. In addition many of the Rim Worlds themselves are fit to be developed into agri-worlds. Since the Tau are as yet weak and the orks only stirring, Alexander has a window of opportunity to clear the Rim Worlds. Then his force can be redeployed to clear the orks and Tau from the Shadow Worlds in the Mabb Nebula. In time this will isolate Tarsis Major and make possible a new campaign there, thos analyticae suggest this may take a number of years.

The Perseus Deeps
Primary Threats: Necrons, Chaos, Eldar

The Perseus Deeps crusade has achieved much, and the strength of the chaos threat to the Vastrid subsector is now minimal. However the further prosecution of the crusade against chaos now seems detrimental to our overall short and medium term aims (much to General Veers' disapproval!). The threat of the emerging Necron Empire is of primary concern, as is the strange new campaign of the Eldar, who have already taken Sentinel and seem intent on taking a number of worlds in the Deeps. As yet (to no great surprise from me) our colleagues in the Inquisition have failed to discern the eldar motives, but it is of no consequence in my analysis of the Imperial strategic position in the region.

I recommend that the gains of Veers' crusade be reinforced with at least one hundred more Imperial Guard regiments. The Astartes are already providing a much needed rapid reaction force, and it is my recommendation that we fortify our hard won gains in the Deeps but at the same time strip Veers of one naval battlegroup, with our naval colleagues' consent, to deploy to the Zadoc subsector as explained above. It is critical that we fight for every inch of ground on Gamador and Ares, though their loss would not be catastrophic. Above all we must not lose Bastien and Parthenope, lest the Vastrid subsector come under renewed threat from an alien menace. I have neglected to consider the Federacy and Tau as a credible threat in the Deeps. The Federacy have shown no expansionist vigour and the Tau are as much under threat from the Necron advance as we are. If they should offer an alliance in the Deeps against the Necrons, we should accept. The Necrons are a far greater threat, and once they are eliminated, the Tau will be a trifling matter by comparison.

I hope you find this summary useful. I look forward to our meeting next week.


Drevin Lourd
Imperial Chief of Staff, Aleph Sector
Attache to Lord General Thaddeus Roover

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