Sunday, July 08, 2012

War on Calliden

The war on Calliden continued into 07.012M42 with vicious fighting on the Necron and Eldar fronts. On 0307.012M42 the Iron Warriors launched a concerted offensive against the Eldar incursion in the Midland region between the cities of Hextrac and Durin, driving towards the easternmost city in order to lift the seige it had endured for over a month. As usual the most powerful Chaos faction inflicted heavy losses on the Eldar and their line buckled under the relentless pressure. After a week the line had retreated almost a hundred miles and the siege of Durin had been lifted.

Meanwhile in the south the Necrons finally made contact with the Eldar blocking their advance into the Chaos heartlands of Calliden. The Necron invaders had surrounded the major Chaos city of Velorur, and in doing so reached the Eldar sector of the front in Midland. Before long the two forces clashed, but the Necrons proved to be stronger, gradually easing their way into the Midland region and reducing the Eldar perimeter.

On 1007.012M42 the Rillietan faction of the Eldar realised they needed to become involved to prevent the Eldar pocket on Calliden disappearing altogether. Calliden was still vital to the Eldar strategic plan, and loss of the planet to Necrons was just as bad to it remaining in Chaos hands. The Rillietan chose to attack the forces of Chaos in the north, outflanking the strong Iron Warriors force and assaulting the weaker flanks of the recent Chaos advance, defended by the Conquerers of Gorgoroth.

The Conquerers suffered badly to the Rillietan lightning assault, and suffered serious casualties. By 1207.012M42 the Chaos forces had retreated to shorten their defence lines, and the Rillietan had once again expanded the Eldar bridgehead on the world. They still hadn't managed to take any of the major settlements on Calliden, but the Eldar were now effectively the filling in a Chaos-Necron sandwich.

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