Sunday, July 29, 2012

Perseus Deeps action

In 07.012M42 the Perseus Deeps once again proved to be the most active theatre of war in the Aleph Sector, despite Alexander's crusade in the Rim Worlds and the ever increasing threat to the Zadoc subsector posed by hive fleet Nemesis.

The Tau were eager to consolidate their Empire, worried by the twin threats of the Imperium and the Necrons Empire, now known as the Harakhty Dynasty, but found themselves raided by the forces of chaos from the neighbouring system of Carnage. The Tau had plans to invade Carnage, something which wasn't a well kept secret, and so raids on their military build up became increasingly common in 07.012M42, as the chaos forces, lead by the Conquerers of Gorgoroth, attempted to postpone the inevitable while the Tau constructed a new massive starbase in the Parataea system.

On the ground commander Moonshine took charge of defensive operations, and his changes to the defensive tactics of the Tau Empire had significant positive effects, enabling the Tau to more effectively deal with small chaos forces landed in secret, by fortifying each key position. In addution Moonshine's ideas proved equally suited to the war against the Necrons on Parataea, as the Tau were able to penetrate the dark side of the planet, uncovering many previously unknown Necron strongpoints which were then eradicated. The Necrons launched a co-ordinated counter attack once the Tau intentions became clear, but once again the temporary fortifications erected by the Tau proved decisive in protecting them from the worst the Necrons threw at them. By the end of the month the Necrons had been cleared from 95% of the planet's surface, and the starbase was almost complete.

Elsewhere in the Perseus Deeps the Necrons ruthlessly pursued their campaign of expansion. On Gamordal the Necrons unleashed a massive new offensive, overwhelming the Librians & Prozans at Kerash Opticia and Southrine in a series of costly battles which saw the total destruction of the defenders. The Imperial forces were unprepared for the Necron attack and suffered badly, with Southrine and its mines taken within days of the offensive. Despite utilising the Prozan Air Cavalry, the Necrons controlled they skies, shooting down any Valkyrie or Vulture which attempted to enter the battle. The Librians suffered as well, losing their tanks and equipment, retreating in disarray to Gamordal, which by 0108.012M42 looked at risk of being cut off. On Corticant, General Veers began plans to reinforce the planet, which now looked at risk of falling to the Harakhty Dynasty.

On Calliden the implacable advance of the Necrons continued, with the cities of Hextrac and Durin falling after the Claws of Lorek were massacred in a major set piece battle in the plains between the two cities. As soon as the news reached the chaos cities of the disaster in the plains, many of the defenders fled, retreating to Iron Warriors held cities in the north, hoping the barren wastes of the Caldar plateau would protect them from the advancing metal warriors. With almost half the planet taken, the Necrons decided it was time to offer terms to the battered servants of chaos...

With the Necrons advancing on Gamordal and Calliden, the eldar campaign was in a shambles. Sentinel had been taken but the Calliden adventure had been a disaster. Mindful of the difficulty in attacking a major world, the eldar next targeted Carnage, a smaller world than Calliden, as the next in their line of conquest. The initial attacks went well, with the Conquerers of Gorgoroth defeated on the ground and a bridghead established. Only time would tell if the eldar could take the planet before the necrons turned their attention to it, while the domain of chaos shrunk ever smaller.

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