Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Dark Angels intervene on Tyranteous

in early 09.012M42 the Dark Angels arrived on Tyranteous, adding a third company of astartes to the forces on the planet, where the insurrection centred around Hollydale was still ongoing. The Imperial Guard units had deliberately been pulled back from the front line at the request of Inquisitor Lord Hathek, who was concerned at the level of daemonic exposure the guardsmen were experiencing, which would eventually lead whole regiments to become "non combat effectove". Hathek was keen to keep purges of his own much needed troops to a minimum, so he was more than pleased when the Dark Angels arrived on the agri-world, despite the sometimes open hostility between himself and the astartes chapter.

The Dark Angels immediately identified that the retaking of Weybridge crossing was critical to the defeat of the insurrection and the purging of daemonic forces. Securing the crossing would prevent further spread of the chaos contamination, and the space marines threw themselves at the enemy lines loudly and visibly. As hoped, the peasants manning the crossing panicked, and their overseers once again summoned a host of daemons to deal with the attack. This inspired the Dark Angels hatred towards the chaos gods, and their attack became ever more savage. After a few hours the daemonhost was defeated and dissolved back into the warp. The Dark Angels then ruthlessly mopped up any remaining cultists, slaughtering them and burning the bodies. With Weybridge retaken, Hollydale and the whole region of Holleyden, centre of the revolt, now lay open for a final assault.

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