Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Space Marines surround heretics on Tyranteous

Following the successful intervention of the Dark Angels in early 09.012M42, Inquisitor Hathek arrived in person on Tyranteous. With the two crossings into Hollyden in Imperial hands and enjoying total air supremacy, the rebellion of Hollydale was securely contained, unless the cultists managed to breach the siege which had been enforced upon them, by force or by stealth.

The seige of Hollydale was aided by the terrain. The narrow Isthmuses at either end of the state meant only a small force was needed to prevent a major outbreak, and this could be manned by Astartes troops, thus minimising the deleterious effects of daemonic exposure to Imperial Guard units. However, by late 09.012M42, after several bombing missions against Hollydale, which was reduced to rubble, the heretics showed no signs of capitulation. The Astartes were becoming irritated by their use as "border guards" and began to lobby strongly with Lord Hathek to launch the final invasion of the rebel state.

Despite having nominal command over the astartes chapters, Hathek could do little except agree, and on 2209.012M42 the Ultramarines chapter launched their assault against the heretics in Hollyden. The traitors now had an array of astartes against them, including the Dark Angels, Raven Guard, Blood Martyrs, Blood Angels and now the Ultramarines, with the Salamanders en route to the system. Such was the concern of a daemonic uprising on the only remaining viable agri-world in the sector, and such was Hathek's influence.

The Ultramarine led assault was a success in the end, and the marines led the astartes across the plains of Hollyden to the capital itself. However here the marines faced dogged and persistant resistance aided once again by repeated daemonic incursions. By the end of 09.012M42, despite the presence of five astartes companies, half a chapter, the rebels had not been crushed. More battles would need to be had before the last remnant of chaos taint was expunged from Tyranteous.

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