Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eldar Machinations

The eldar and their dark kin remained active throughout the later part of 09.012M42, and their attacks became more widespread as the month went on. Despite losing on Ares, the eldar had more success against the other races, defeating the orks in a clinical raid on 2209.012M42 on the ork world of Bothorion. The reason for the raid was unclear, but it didn't stop the feverish ork activity in the Mabb nebula, and their assault on Hylas remained unchecked.

On Carnage the eldar appeared once again, this time causing considerable damage and loss of life before the chaos overlords were able to summon daemons to stop the raid. Even then the eldar continued to cause destruction and managed to defeat the daemons before disappearing into the webway once more. Suspicions grew that the eldar were planning a major strike against Carnage in the near future.

The Salamanders meanwhile found themselves called into action once again, when the Shattered Silence Kabal returned to raid Corticant. For many months Corticant had been spared significant dark eldar predations and the Shattered Silence were believed to have moved off into the Vastrid subsector for good, but the raid on 2609/012M42 proved otherwise.

General Veers' listening posts and enhanced defences stood up to their first test, and the dark eldar had barely arrived when warning signals began to bark loudly in the imperial high command centre at fort Bastion. The Salamanders, ready and willing to respond, sent forces against the dark eldar and were able to stop the raiding aliens in their tracks, their first meaningful success since their arrival in the sector.

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