Sunday, September 30, 2012

Necrons gain on Gamordal

The war against the Necrons on Gamordal had been largely quiet for over a month, but in that time the Imperium had not made any attempt to counter attack, and their reinforcements had been limited to one company of Aurora Angels, who arrived in late 09.012M42 after General Veers made it clear he was unable to send extra Imperial Guard regiments to the system until the situation on Ares had been resolved.

Unfortunately for Veers the Necrons launched their latest offensive on Gamordal only days after the eldar had been defeated on Ares. Therefore the existing Imperial forces, with the addition of the Aurora Angels, were all the Imperium had to meet the renewed alien aggression.

The Necrons attacked on a narrow front, and instead of hammering at the capital of the world, as the Imperial commander expected, the aliens pushed rapidly north along the Tersius road from Southrine, quickly enveloping the Wericke farming collectives and pushing into the outskirts of Fort Tersius. Realising the Imperial positions would soon be cut off with the road in Necron hands, the Aurora Angels launched an immediate counter assault to recapture Wericke, but as soon as they arrived they found the necrons waiting for them.

Unfortunately for the Imperium, the necrons had clearly expected such a move by the astartes, and the Aurora Angels found themselves in the middle of a carefully laid trap. The company fought bravely, but suffered terrible losses atempting to extricate themselves from an impossible position. The counter attack had failed, and unless they were stopped soon, the necrons would have the city of Gamordal surrounded and the remaining Imperial forces in an untenable position on Gamordal.

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