Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Victory on Ares

After an extended struggle, General Veers finally had something to cheer about as 09.012M42 drew to a close. The war against the Eldar on Ares, with frequent skirmishes up and down the length of the Hephath valley, had been in a stalemate for months. Repeated intervention by Space Marine chapters helped keep the Eldar at bay, but the imperial commander persistantly failed to complete the job as forrays into the broken ground to the north of Ares City always invited lethal eldar ambushes.

Eventually the Dark Angels agreed to finish the job they had started, and on 2009.012M42 launched a series of raids which rooted out the eldar on Ares. Probing attacks by the marines provoked various levels of response, allowing the Dark Angels to determine with some accuracy the location of the webway portal. The final assault was viciously defended by the eldar as the Dark Angels homed in on the source of the eldar invasion, but by 2609.012M42 the eldar were in full retreat. The planet was declared clear of Xenos threat by 2909.012M42.

The Dark Angels were unable to determine the precise location of the portal however, so the threat remained. Even so the eldar invasion of Ares had been defeated for the time being, and General Veers could now release some of his forces stationed there. A small garrison was left to monitor the location of the webway entrance. Veers now turned his attention to the Necron problem on Gamordal.

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