Sunday, October 07, 2012

Carnage invaded by Necrons

The next move for the expanding Harakhty dynasty came on 0110.012M42, when a large fleet of necron warships appeared in the Carnage system. The forces of chaos proved unwilling, or unable, to contest the might of the necron fleet, and so for the next few days the necrons moved in system, readying their forces for the invasion of the chaos world.

The forces of chaos on Carnage were initially slow to react to the threat of the impending necron invasion, but the unexpected arrival of the Rillietan faction of the eldar stirred the chaos forces into action. The eldar attacked the city of Shirin, the highest city on the world and the capital. Surprisingly it was a force bearing the mark of the Moonface Catechism which responded to the assault, marching towards the eldar presence broadcasting their strange cant across all frequencies.

As the sun set over the chaos world on 0310.012M42, the Catechism forces engaged the Rillietan. There are rumours the force was led by the strange creature Moonface himself, but these remain unconfirmed. Whether the great warlord was there or not, the result was a bitter stalemate which saw neither side the victor. Then on 0510.012M42 the necrons begain the invasion of the planet, landing between Shirin and Karasti. The eldar then promptly disappeared.

The Catechism forces, fully mobilised now to meet the necron threat, turned their forces against the aliens on 1010.012M42, intending to bring their foe to battle in the open plains that separated the great cities. Unfortunately the Harakhty dynasty were one step ahead, and using a webway portal that only they had knowledge of, were able to appear right in the path of the advancing army, taking the Catechism completely by surprise.

The initiative was now firmly with the necrons, and their assault halted the chaos advance in its tracks. While the Catechism fought the aliens at the foot of the Shiri mountains, they could do nothing to prevent the dall of Karasti. Having taken the city, the necrons simply fortified it, then reinforced their eastern flank, applying overwhelming force against the armies defending Shirin before the rest of the planet could effectively establish a joined up defence. Shirin itself fell on 1110.012M42, as the forces of chaos struggled to regroup in the face of their implacable enemy.

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