Thursday, October 25, 2012

Slow Necron advance on Parataea

With the capture of T'Varsh the necrons kept up the pressure on the tau forces on Parataea as 10.012M42 continued. The tau were sorely pushed to hold their lines, and the arrival of eldar forces was certainly welcome. The eldar support allowed the tau to secure the front line against the necrons, protecting Kau'tra, a vital communication settlement on the shores of lake Shik'shra.

The eldar took up positions near the tau settlement of Y'osh'toki and on 1910.012M42 they came under sustained attack from the invasion forces. The Harakhty dynasty assaulted their hated eldar foe, saving the northern and eastern settlements, at least for now. However the eldar reeled at the onslaught, and after a dogged defence, were forced to withdraw after taking terrible casualties. With the fall of Y'osh'toki, the forces of the alliance were now at risk of being cut in two, woth Y'mada isolated in the west. Only K'Los Base stood in the way of the necron advance making a decisive step forward.

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