Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nemesis continues destruction of Zadoc subsector

It didn't take long for the creatures of Nemesis to finally defeat the resistance of chaos on New Sparta, although it has to be said, they lasted longer and put up a stiffer defence than those of the Imperium on Rhesius. Since 07.012M42 the tyranids on New Sparta had been content to leave the chaos forces behind their defences while rampaging across the uninhabited regions of the world, gathering biomass almost uncontested.

The effect of this was that when Nemesis finally assaulted the chaos lines in mid-10.012M42, the Covenant of Damnation facing them were totally overwhelmed. The final attack was made with almost unparalleled ferocity, with wave after wave of the alien creatures swarming over the defenders, consuming entire regiments which attempted to stand in their path.

Thos who could, fled. Chaos effectively gave up resisting on 1810.012M42, when the last vessel able to slipped past the incoming hive fleet as the great hive mind began zeroing in on its latest prey. All others perished as the alien intelligence strip the planet of its organic resources. Another Rim world had been destroyed.

Meanwhile the tyranids were facing a more stubborn foe on Fort Sparcos. Here on the desert fortress world, deproved of vast resources of lush biomass, the tyranids found themselves having to take account of their losses. But the planet needed to be claimed, as without doing so, Nemesis would be vulnerable. So the tyranids played a game of strategy with the orks as they looked for weaknesses. Eventually their goading and testing of the ork lines paid of, as a horde led by orks loyal to Uzfang sprung from their bunkers on 1410.012M42, launching an all out attack on their alien invaders.

Nemesis had been waiting for them, and eagerly counter attacked. Savage fighting followed, but the orks came off worse. By 1610.012M42 the attacking orks had been wiped out, and the tyranids of hive fleet Nemesis had edged closer to their target, the fortress itself.

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