Sunday, October 14, 2012

Veers reignites imperial crusades, setting sights on Grimlock


Grimlock is second planet in its system, orbiting a M8 red dwarf star at the edge of the Perseus Deeps. Once an Imperial agri world, its two main continents were covered in lush rolling plains and plantations. An idyllic world, its summers long and winters short. Its fall to Chaos is not catalogued in any of the local sector records, its demise overshadowed by the uprising on the surrounding worlds. Overstretched Imperial forces never responded to the psychic distress calls or the fleeing trade ships that escaped the doomed planet. Grimlock was largely ignored throughout the Aleph Sector Wars until Crusader-General Mallius Maximus Veers of the Corellian Storm Guard lead his Crusade Fleet to liberate the system.

As the Crusade Fleet entered the system, long-range auspex scans revealed the horrific mutilation that had scarred the planet's surface. The rolling plains, fields and plantations were now fortified battle positions, a cankerous growth of earthworks, trench-lines, bunkers and plascrete fortifications. The liberation fleet had arrived, but was it too late for the planet's salvation?

The Liberation of Grimlock: Order of Battle

The Blessed Forces of the God-Emperor of Mankind

Legiones Astartes 

Raven Guard: Shadow Captain Corvane Valar 5th Shadow Company 
Red Angels 
Blood Martyrs

Imperial Guard
Corellian Storm Guard: Crusader-General Mallius Maximus Veers, Knight Commander of Corellia 
1st Armoured Division , 1st Reconnaissance Division, 5th Mechanised Division, 13th Infantry Division, 25th Infantry Division, 8th Special Forces Operational Detachment 
Librian Guard: Colonel Hackett 
10th Infantry Company, 15th Mechanised Company 

Ordo Malleus Inquisitional Task Forces: Classified 

Grey Knights: Classified

Officio Assassinorum Agents: Classified

Crusader-General Veers had designated the western fortification network as the landing zone for the liberation force. Here the defensive lines were sparse and hastily erected. Astartes of the traitor legion Iron Warriors were still overseeing the construction when the first planetary assault commenced.

Corellian Special Forces were the first to land on the planet, assaulting the few air defence installations that survived the initial orbital bombardment. Guardsmen of the 5th Force Recon Regiment claimed the first objective of the day, securing the massive northern flak tower complex in a brutal lightning assault, the few Iron Warriors and hordes of slave workers dying under the strafing runs of Vendettas and volleys of Lasgun fire. A rushed counter-attack by cultists and militia of the Covenant of Damnation failed to contain the assault force, Leman Russ battle tanks of the 4th Armoured Regiment stopping them under a hail of battle cannon shells.

Astartes of the Red Angels chapter supported the main landing force, but failed in their objectives to secure the eastern trench line, outnumbered by another desperate breakout of the Covenant of Damnation. Unable to advance through the waves of cultists the Red Angels held their position awaiting reinforcement.

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