Monday, October 29, 2012

Nemesis progress on Fort Sparcos

The war on Fort Sparcos had been raging for months, with Nemesis slowly making gains in the ork held territory surroudning the main installation itself. The orks had made several modifications on the original Imperial fortification, although their military worth was debatable. In late 10.012M42 the tyranids launched another assault against the greenskins, attacking in force and encountering more of Thrugnik's boyz, clear evidence that the ork warlord was joining the waagh! in the Mabb Nebula.

The orks did what they always do, attacking the tyranids as the vanguard of Nemesis reached the ork front line. The battle was intense, but Nemesis emerged victorious, taking more territory from the greenskins and homing in on the main fortified area of the planet. Imperial spies were quick to note the differences between this tyranid force and the xenos usually encountered. While still clearly part of the Nemesis hive fleet, it appeared this latest attack was lead by a new strain of aliens, possibly mutations made possible by the consumption of Alphe and Betor. In any case, it seemed that eventually the orks would lose Fort Sparcos, unless they reversed the trend of defeats to the aliens.

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