Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Carcharadons strike fear into their own

Since the arrival of the Carcharadon Astra chapter in the Zadoc subsector, their leaders had not communicated very much, if at all, with the commanders of the imperial forces on Zadoc. They had aided imperial forces in a number of battles, but in the main they kept their own counsel, their strike cruisers staying at the endge of the Zadoc system like prowling beasts. Communication between the other chapters and the "space sharks" was also minimul, and when they did strike in battle, their arrival was swift, their tactics brutal.

At the end of 013M42 two alarming encounters with the Carcharadons struck fear into the imperial commanders on Zadoc. First, it was rumoured that the secretive chapter had actually challanged the Apocalypse Riders to an honour duel, a staged battle between two chapters which ran contrary to the Codex Astartes, and was only practiced by the most violent chapters. Details were scarce, but apparently the two astartes had selected forces and clashed on an uninhabited planetoid in the outer reaches of the Zadoc system, with the Carcharadons claiming victory. The rumours were backed up by reports that since the "duel" the Apocalypse Riders had been seen in close formation with the Carcharadons' fleet, indicating that the younger chapter had now become part of the older force's "inner circle". The Apocalypse Riders were certainly the only force seen to have real contact with the new arrivals before the end of the year.

The second encounter was no rumour. Without warning the Carcharadons fell upon the Corellian Storm Guard following their retreat from the tau and defeat at Todetto. After overcoming the initial shock, the imperial guard forces fought hard to fend off the attacking astartes, but were outclassed. By the end of 1812.013M42 an entire company of Corellians had been wiped out, and any who surrendered were put to the sword. General Brooke demanded an explanation and in a rare communication from the Carcharadons he was simply told that "failure will no longer be tolerated".

Furious, Wavell ordered that the Carcharadons be excommunicated and hunted down, and appealed to the other chapters in the Zadoc theatre for aid. None were willing to go after one of their own, and late on 2312.013M42 a hooded figure was seen to take the General to one side. After this encounter General Wavell rescinded all orders pertaining to the Carcharadons, signaling that the actions against the Corellians had been deemed "appropriate" by higher authority...

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