Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Corsair Eldar smashed by Librian Guard. South road is retaken

The Imperium recieved some good news in 12.013M42 in the Perseus Deeps. While sector Lord Titus Luthor was given nothing but news of defeats by General Montgomery, overall commander of the Zadoc subsector, his subordinate General Veers was having more success.

The eldar counter invasion of Corticant, where Veers' men were already in a protracted war against the necrons, took the Imperium by surprise. However despite the aliens' recent games Veers responded with a robust counter attack in mid 12.013M42. While digging in on the western front against the necrons, he went on the offensive against the eldar, sending in two regiments of Librian Guard down the south road.

The eldar responded to the incursion, with Corsair eldar leading the charge. The Librians found their enemy to be determined, but pressed forward in the face of mounting infantry casualties. The eldar themselves had issues with the Librians' heavy armour, and Leman Russ backed up by basilisk artillery and veteran squads mounted in chimeras, broke the back of the eldar resistance. Casualties amongst the regular infantry were heavy, but acceptable. Unable to match the imperium's willingness to trade losses, the eldar abandoned their positions on the south road, pushing the front line back some three hundred kilometers by the end of the year.

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