Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Zadoc: Major Tau offensive

The planned Tau offensive against the Imperium began towards the end of 11.013M42. As expected by their imperial opponents, the eldar had joined the tau in force, apparently extending their alliance beyond the Perseus Deeps and into the Zadoc subsector. It was a large deployment in Alliance terms, with the tau massing their forces in the north, aiming to breakout of their narrow bridgehead around Guion. Primary objectives for the offensive were set as the cities and Antolovi, and Commander Shadowstrike was given overall command. With him the forces of Commander Moonshine were joined, with some tension, by Corsair eldar and Dark Eldar forces of the shattered silence. The tau welcomed their support, although the animosity between the eldar and their dark kin was evident.

The alliance also requested a second thrust, to the south towards the imperial fortress of Monte Cressino, lying on the flat plains of Foregi on the isthmus with Mascata. Here the imperium would prepare a strong defence, so the eldar committed their largest assets to this flank, including a large number of Wraithknights and three Reventant Titans. On the southern flank the armies of Windgather and Skyfall joined their eldar allies, although in reality the eldar controlled this portion of the offensive.

The Imperium under Brooke had amassed significant defences following resupply. In the south the Librian and Novgorod Guard regiments were joined by the Darantine 97th, 98th and 110th regiments, with the Space Wolves committing their strength to the defence of the fortress, led by Logan Grimnar himself. In the north the main strike force was organised, with elite Mechanicus formations joined by Corellian guard forces, the Raven Guard 5th company and the Carcharadons, who had not even bothered to talk to Brooke of their plans. This formidable force was supported by the 64th Naval tactical wing, and on both fronts Brooke intended to bring the fight to the enemy, forcing them to commit to a war of attrition he knew they would be trying to avoid.

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