Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Intercepted imperial transmission...

+++Date: LCL.1812.013M42
+++Monitoring Station: Hectorus Alpha
+++Astropath: Keben Alrayiah
+++Security Clearance: Extremis Ultra
+++Ref: Sec.Al.Sub. Zc.724vf.LBr.HRSY
+++Recieved: Inquisitor Lord Natalia Vorushko
+++Subject: Anomalous Imperial Tithe Libria
+++Thought for the day: Blind Faith is a just cause
+++My Lord,

For several weeks I have continued the most holy but labourious task of monitoring the Imperial tithe following your instruction. Despite resistance from the local administratum, who employed much obfuscation and other methods of concealment, eventually I managed to uncover accurate figures for the Librian tithe over the last twelve standard Terran month.

During the year 013M42 there has been no discernable drop in output from Librian manufactorums. The imperial tithe of guard regiments has been maintained, and arms manufacture contracts have similarly been met, greatly contributing to the imperial war effort. In addition there has been no significant drop in output in any sector of the Librian economy.

While the above may appear laudible given recent challenges faces by the system, it is anomalous. Libria has been a key importer from Tyranteous, Zadoc and other imperial worlds in the subsector for many millenia. In addition the system imports vast quantities of raw materials and goods from other parts of the segmentum, sitting as it does at the nexus of warp lanes in the subsector.

Over the last five standard terran years the imports by Libria have steadily fallen due to the deterioration of the imperial position in the Zadoc subsector. The loss of Tarsis Major in particular has seen a dramatic reduction in freight reaching the Librian system, as vessels from the rest of the sector must now brave the upper Perseus Deeps from Farport.

Since the beginning of the wars of Tyranteous and Zadoc, imports have fallen to less than fifteen percent of their pre-war levels, yet the manufactorum output has remained steady during this decline. Despite assurances from the administratum in the system that they were utilising reserves and stock piles, I have since discovered no such stock piles exist.

There can be only one conclusion. The Librian system is importing raw materials and goods from non-imperial sources. It is therefore engaged in heretical activity. I recommend further monitoring of system traffic including the siezure of cargo vessels and a thorough examination of their manifests. Once heresy is found, we must take swift action against those responsible.

This will clearly result in hardships for the population of Libria. Monitoring of the faith of this system should also be monitored for signs of deviancy.+++ 

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