Sunday, December 08, 2013

Dark eldar activity plagues Vastrid subsector

In late 013M42 the activity of the newest Dark Eldar faction, the Kabal of the Venom Drake in the Vastrid subsector came to the attention of the Imperium and specifically the inquisition. The agents of the Emperor began to shadow the aliens, where they could, but by the end of the year they had still not managed to find their base, and were entirely ignorant of the existance of Slaughterpoint station so close to strategically vital resources.

The Inquisition did find out however that the Dark Eldar planned a strike on Imperial controlled Glossop V. They found out the time of the attack, and informed the Carcharadons operating in the sector. The astartes relished this news and immediately sent a force to Glossop V to intercept the alien incursion. The mission was a success, as the delivery of the Dark Eldar leader's head to the inquisition ably demonstrated.

At the same time the Venom Drake kabal also launched a raid on their neighbours on Drift, which they blythely assumed was a rival base belonging to the Shattered Silence. The new arrivals failed to understand the corporate nature of their enemy, or their relationship with the alliance and the Rillietan. It therefore came as quite a shock when they found Drift heavily fortified and ready for an attack, defended by their eldar brethren. The raiding force was all but wiped out and left the leader of the Venom Drake kabal both fuming and confused.

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