Wednesday, December 10, 2014

BASTIEN: Guard reinforcements defeat Iron Warriors

The space battle above Bastien yielded immediate results on the ground. With the imperial fleet in orbit thousands of Guardsmen were able to be deployed to reinforce Veers'defence against the recently landed chaos forces. Now isolated, the chaos defenders chose to dig in and defend their positions until the situation changed, with the Iron Warriors quickly organising the defence of Reaverton and Messhuggah. However Veers was not put off, and on 0912.014M42 launched an offensive on a broad front against Reaverton.

The Iron Warriors had expected this axis of advance and had defended accordingly. The imperial guard were forced to march across relatively open ground towards the chaos defenders, and once again the forces of chaos had the option of teleporting elite terminators into the heart of the imperial force.

Unfortunately for chaos, Veers had done his homework and planning well. The guard forces which advanced on Reaverton weer highly mechanised and possessed mass firepower, and no individual part of the army was the key to breaking it. Therefore when the elite astartes counterstrike came, it would have limited effect. In the event the teleportation went badly wrong, ensuring the Iron Warriors' counterstrike was even less effective than even Veers had hoped.

The battle for Reaverton became a slog which the Iron Warriors could never win. Outnumbered and outgunned, as night fell the forces of chaos withdrew to prepared positions around messhuggah, their last significant settlement still within the chaos bridgehead. Unless the imperial fleet could be dealt with, the forces of chaos on Bastien stood no hope of success.

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