Monday, December 01, 2014

Tyranids assault eldar in Vastrid subsector

Despite the removal of the Tyranid threat from Glossop V, the aliens had not vanished completely. In the void of space the hive fleet lurked, all but invisible but for its psychic warp shadow. Although in no way as large as Nemesis, the warp shadow suggested that what had been designated Medusa was merely a tendril of a far larger entity, and it was inevitable that the full weight of the hive fleet would fall upon the Vastrid subsector in the future.

The next planet to come under the influence of Medusa was a small uncharted and unnamed world in the depths of the Cerrack nebula. Uninhabited, but rich in natural flora, the world was in fact a former eldar maiden world, now overgrown and untended. The Biel Tan Farseers sensed the approach of the alien fleet, and sent a vanguard force to assess the strength of the invasion, and whether a larger response would be required. Unfortunately the Biel Tan force were ambushed and annihilated on arrival, drawing the attention of the hive mind to the webway portal on the world. To their horror the minds of the eldar psychics realised that Medusa was now aware of the webway and its purpose. The eldar shut down access to the maiden world immediately, consigning it to oblivion, but this was more acceptable than the invasion of the webway itself.

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