Monday, December 01, 2014

Mechanicum push back eldar on Aethor

Despite the setbacks on Aethor the Mechanicum were not about to accept the loss of an imperial outpost, and the valuable installation at Vaustfall, without a fight. The eldar however were too strong, given the imperial forces at their disposal, to initiate a direct assault on Vaustfall itself. Instead the Mechanicum attacked in the north, realising the Biel Tan were apparently the weakest of the eldar forces present on Aethor, and that the Valley of Ice represented the best chance for the imperium to strike back. On 0312.014M42 the Adeptus Mechanicus attacked with the few elite units they had remaining, making contact with the Biel Tan in the northernmost valley out of Clade.

The engagement certainly caught the eldar by surprise, and the Biel Tan appeared to be unable to deal with the Mechanicum equipment and weaponry. In the space of a few hours eldar grav tanks were left burning across the valley bottom, as the Mechanicum pushed steadily west. By the end of the first week of 12.014M42, the imperium had regained around half the territory they had lost in the north, but the middle and southern valleys remained firmly in the hands of the eldar alliance.

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