Monday, December 29, 2014

Libria V: Crusade push for the capital fails

The next push by the Crusade on Libria V came in a series of thrusts into the streets of Louxin City, between 1612.014m42 and 2212.014M42. The crusade attack was launched by the Vannaheim Guard and their Adeptus Sororitas leaders. The Vannaheim were now easily the most numerous force the crusade could wield, with almost 30,000 troopers and almost 5000 tanks and artillery pieces on Libria V alone. However in terms of effectiveness the Crusade was still reliant on small elite astartes and adeptus sororitas elite forces, and it was the Sisters of Battle who led the assaults into Louxin city as 014M42 drew to a close.

Initially the imperial guard defenders were forced to retreat before the onslaught of the new crusade offensive, but general Abrahams had plenty of logistical support. He was able to call on massed artillery bombardments from the eastern suburbs of the city, and soon accurate barrages were raining down on the crusade forces, wrecking most of the Vannaheim tanks taking part in the assault. After three determined thrusts into the city were repulsed, the crusade forces were forced to make a retreat, allowing the loyalist defenders to recapture all of the capital.

One point of note ws the presence of the Dark Angels in the attack. Previously the chapter had maintained a steadfast neutrality, refusing to associate with either side. Now at least one company appeared to be working alongside the Adeptus Sororitas, aiding them against imperial guard forces whereas before the Dark Angels had fought alongside the same guard troopers against the alliance. General Abrahams was worried, but Inquisitor Hathek assured him he would personally intervene in order to ensure the Dark Angels stayed out of the war.

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