Monday, December 01, 2014

Battles rage on Libria V

Following their dramatic arrival on Libria V the forces of the crusade continued their advance as 11.014M42 came to an end. In the north, the Adeptus Mechanicus quietly removed the last vestige of Loyalist resistance in the Gold River region, jamming communications before the attack to make the identity of the attackers unclear. The Novgorod guard represented the main force in Gold River still obeying the orders of General Abrahams & Inquisitor Hathek, and by 0112.014M42 the actions of the Mechanicum had eradicated them as a fighting force. The crusade had now secured their left flank, although by now the imperial high command had realised the Crusade were active on Libria V and following their own agenda.

Worse followed however, as on 2711.014M42 the alliance launched a major attack against the loyalist forces, aiming to push into the gap between the Dirtshine mountains and the highlands of Timberhill. The settlement of Daralon fell to commander Windgather after just a few days of fighting, despite a heroic - if ill fated - defence by the Imperial Fists.

Abrahams then started recieving disturbing messages, both digital, had written and astropathic. He was warned to lay down his arms and hand over Inquisitor Hathek, or else face the same certain destruction as the Librians themselves. Abrahams ignored the stream of communications, and on 0112.014M42 the Sisters of Battle attacked several imperial guard units, denouncing them as heretics. These appeared to be carried out against the forces on Abrahams' left wing, destroying equipment and reducing the efficiency of the loyalist troops, especially the local Librian forces and guard regiments stationed near them.

Abrahams dared not retaliate against the Adeptes Sororitas, lest he begin a religious schism. Frantically he tried contacting the sister superior, but clearly Vorushko had got their first. Fully half the Vannaheim regiments turned against him too, and by 0312.014M42 the Dirtside Mountains were invaded wholesale by the Sky Lords & Mechanicum forces. However following the arrival of the Crusade forces proper, the Adeptus Sororitas denied they were part of any Crusade, merely that Inquisitor Vorushko had notified them of recidivist elements within Abrahams' command which needed eliminating. Never-the-less relations were now soured between the Sororitas and Abrahams' commanders.

Commander Windgather acted swiftly. He could not allow the crusade to establish a foothold, especially on the strategic hieghts on his right flank. As soon as the Mechanicum forces deployed they were attacked by Windgather's elite forces. A furious battle in the hills developed, and the tau push south against the loyalists was halted as the alliance put all their effort onto their right flank. By 0412.014M42 the Crusade had been forced to retreat, yielding a third of the strategically vital territory. The war on Libria V had taken a violent turn, with factional disputes threatening to tear the imperial defence apart.

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