Saturday, November 22, 2014

Daemons banished by Blood Angels on Bastien

On Bastien, the arrival of chaos had re-ignited previously inactive or dormant chaos cults, and General Veers was forced to divert some of his precious forces to control of the population, as the Adeptus Arbites became overwhelmed. Worse still, in the south the fall of Messugah and Reaverton to chaos led one cult in particular to attempt a summoning. Manipulated by the denizens of the warp, the cult managed to succeed in their quest, although they were all part of the sacrifice required for the manifestation. A large host of daemons materialised north of the chaos sector and south of Damnation.

The daemonic host had appeared behind the imperial lines, and threatened to wreak havoc. Fortunately a force of Blood Angels were on hand in the system, and mere hours after the daemonic manifestation, a rapid reaction force had arrived and engaged the daemons. This was fortuitous, as this prevented the imperial guard from having direct contact with the daemonic entities, and Veers and the inquisition were keen to suppress the reappearance of daemons on Bastien. In addition the Blood Angels were able to contain the outbreak, hunting the remaining daemons down and sending them back to the warp, minimising the damage and giving general Veers some much needed good news.

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