Sunday, November 16, 2014

Carcharadons finish off loyalists on Libria I

The end of the loyalist defence of Libria I came on 1711.014M42 with a simultaneous airborne assault of the remaining loyalist settlements by the Carcharadon Astra chapter of space marines. The Apocalypse Riders had already rendered all defence of the loyalist territory largely impossible, and now the Space Sharks finished the job. The Novgorod Guard were the unfortunate remaining force defending, and the assault soon became a massacre. Some of the imperial guardsmen may have tried to surrender, but no prisoners were taken.

by 1911.014M42 all resistance on Libria I had been crushed. The Crusade now imposed its own government on the citizens of the world, doubling the tithe and essentially enslaving the population. The Mechanicum was nominally given control of the forge world, but the government itself was run by the administratum and a new planetary governor, all picked for their zealotry by Inquisitor Vorushko.

Vorushko's edict was carried out and the citizens of Libria I began their servitude. Some rebelled, but with the backing of firebrand priests and a host of inquisition agents, much of the planet complied with the new harsh regime. Vorushko also took the opportunity to remind the other worlds of Libria to adhere to here edict or face the consequences, advising that the imperial guard, navy and the astartes should not dare to threaten her authority again.

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