Sunday, November 16, 2014

Riders move on to Libria V

With their success on Libria I and the Carcharadons preparing to strike the fatal blow, the Apocalypse Riders moved their one active company in the Librian system towards the outer rim. The crusade determined to leave the heavily populated Libria II until last, as any landing would be hotly contested by both loyalist and rebel alike, and the crusade was not yet strong enough to take on two opponents. Instead, the Apocalypse Riders decided to strike at a much more immediate threat.

Despite attacking imperial forces on Libria I, the Apocalypse Riders and the Crusade in general saw no contradiction in aiding the loyalist imperial forces on Libria V. On the outermost world of the system the imperial forces were in combat with the alliance, a mixture of tau, eldar, federal and rebel librian forces. The Crusade forces still believed their first task was to rid the Librian system of Xenos, and to do that the Apocalypse Riders launched a surpirse raid on the tau on 1511.014M42.

The raid was conducted with the usual speed and efficacy now expected in their assaults. The tau were defeated and significant damage done to the emerging alliance infrastructure contributing to their war effort. However it was noticeable that the Riders limited their contact with other imperial units, and didn't even inform General Abrahams of their actions. The crusade forces would help the loyalists where it proved sensible and pragmatic, but it was clear that tensions remained in the imperial faction.

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