Sunday, November 09, 2014

Crusade close in on Librian victory

For months the crusade had been largely inactive on Libria I. General Abrahams, preferring to ignore the situation, hoped that with the crusade forces and the mechanicum in control of the industrial complexes in the northern hemisphere, they would be content to leave the remaining loyalist held centres in the south and east alone. This would allow him to concentrate on the war against the alliance on Libria V. He was to be disappointed.

In 11.014M42 the crusade, having musteres their forces, launched their newest offensive. The Apocalypse Riders lead the attack assaulting the cities of Hector and Kent city in an audacious simultaneous operation. The defenders, mostly PDF regiments and an assortment of units Abrahams could spare for an unwanted diversion. The results were predictable. Although some units performed well, the Apocalypse Riders showed their fellow subjects of the Emperor little mercy. The cities were soon surrounded and taken, with inquisition agents and ministorum priests following up to perform judgement on the citizens. Many were found wanting, and the trials put on by Vorushko were broadcast across the world, generating a religious fervour and turning Librian against Librian.

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