Sunday, November 02, 2014

New necron offensive on Corticant ends in massacre

For months the necron threat on Corticant had apparently lain dormant. While imperial patrols into necron held territory frequently failed to return, the large distances between settlements on the world lulled the imperial defenders into a false sense of security. The imperial guard in particular began to suffer from boredom, and over time standards began to slip. As General Veers became aware of this he ordered the Librian units in particular to be assigned commissars, something which was becoming widespread following the revolt in the Librian system itself.

Veers however soon became distracted by the events on Bastien, and moved his headquarters there on 0111.014M42, just in time to witness the first landfall of major chaos forces. On Corticant, the necrons took the opportunity to attack while the imperial defenders were effectively leaderless, and on 0311.014M42 a huge new necron army was sighted moving swiftly up the valley containing "south road". Alarmed, the imperial forces took to theior defensive positions around the city of Wildegate and waited.

The necrons approached and should have faced a withering hail of fire from the imperial defenders, but the artillery barrage was weak and inaccurate, shells often failing to explode. As the necron force approached the defensive positions imperial gaurd tanks opened up along with lascannons and autocannons from emplaced infantry teams, but again the fire was desultory and largely inaccurate.

The necron advance suffered barely any casualties before wraiths and destroyers, supported by necron packed ghost arks overran the imperial lines. In combat the wraiths proved unbeatable, and the alien army barely slowed as it simply overwhelmed the imperial positions. In less than a day Wildegate had been taken and the necrons were splitting, one force heading to Welllake and the other turning towards Fort Bastion. Then, on 0711.014M42 the necrons once again stopped. For now the new offensive had come to an end, but the imperial defenders were only left with Fort bastion and its immediate surroundings under their control.

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