Sunday, November 02, 2014

Eldar continue genocide on Aethor

After raids in late 10.014M42, the eldar arrived in force on 0111.014M42. Once again the eldar and their dark kin were acting together, although the differentiation was lost on the troopers of the imperial guard regiments who responded to the initial incursion. Local regiments and Vanaheim units were summoned, but the fast moving eldar and dark eldar easily outmanoeuvred their opponents and inflicted monstrous casualties. After a day's heavy fighting it was clear the eldar could not be shifted without reinforcements, and the garrison commander officially called for aid. Aethor had been invaded.

the response was relatively swift, with an Apocalypse Riders' strike cruiser arriving in the system just days after the call. It was clear the Riders had now taken residence in the Perseus Deeps and were effectively erving as a rapid reaction force - with a specific distaste for eldar and tau forces.

The Apocalypse Riders soon saw their opportunity, discovering a small force of eldar on the ground apparently unaware they were being monitored by the Riders. the astartes force made landfall in secret some miles from the eldar then launched an ambush, utilising their fast bike and land speeder units. However what the astartes didn't know was that the eldar were perfectly aware of the astartes presence, and no sooner had the engagement began than fast moving units of dark eldar appeared in the flanks of the marines. The ambushers had been ambushed! This wasn't the end of it however, for soon after the appearance of the dark eldar, elite units from the Officio Assassinorium suddenly appeared on the battlefield, in effect ambushing the dark eldar.

The whole engagement lasted no more than a few hours and was extremely confused. However the massed and accurate firepower of the xenos eventually overwhelmed the imperial forces, and though they were able to claim some successes in inflicting casualties on the invaders, the Riders and their assassin allies were forced to withdraw from the surface by air or risk being totally surrounded. By 0711.014M42 the imperial position on Aethor was worsening, with eldar forces being reported all across the surface of the world.

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