Sunday, November 02, 2014

Tyranids removed from Gabriel's World

Following the defeat of the Biel Tan eldar in early 11.014M42, General Pollack, responsible for the defense of the Cerrack Nebula, turned his attention to the incipient tyranid threat which had presented itself. Although the astartes had departed following the crushing of the eldar, the imperium still boasted several imperial guard regiments, including a full strength formation of Novgorod troops. This large formation was sent in to deal with the tyranids, Pollack reasoning that the large headcount in the Novgorod regiment would be able to cover the most ground and hunt out xenos creatures which might be lurking.

The Novgorod regiments began their sweep at the last known location of the tyranid force, and advanced on a wide front. They soon encountered the tyranid menace and soon were heavily engaged fighting hordes of aliens who threw themselves at the imperial guardsmen. The imperial forces as ever took losses, but the disciplined fire of the Novgorod guard made all the difference, and thousands of the smaller xenos were simply mown down by imperial volley fire. heavy weapons did the rest and by 0311.014M42 the tyranid resistance had been broken. Now began the long task of clearing the wilderness of tyranid spores, a task which could take years and countless lives as lone xenos predators reverted to instinct, ambiushing the unwary.

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