Sunday, November 09, 2014

Shattered Silence contribute to Aethor venture

With the success of eldar forces on Aethor the Shattered Silence were not slow to exploit the opportunity. The other eldar accepted this help, for the danger of Aethor falling into the wrong hands would cause disaster to both the eldar and their dark kin. The eldar craftworld in the vicinity of the imperial outpost was just one of the reasons for the eldar invasion. In addition to this threat was the much more immediate concern of the webway portal. This portal, the farseers had established, could not be closed, and while the imperial world was in the hands of the Mon-keigh, the danger was low. However the farseers of several factions had determined that in the near future Aethor would fall. In fact with the current situation in the Aleph sector it didn't take a farseer to predict the downfall of the imperium.

The webway portal also gave access to Aethor for all eldar including the denizens of Commorragh. The Shattered Silence fell upon the imperial defenders with little warning. The dark eldar forces used their greater manoeuvrability to great effect, surrounding the Vannaheim defenders and mercilessly cutting them down. The raid was all over within hours, and as well as contributing to the overall campaign, the Shattered Silence had taken with them a significant haul of slaves. For once the greater good of their race and an opportunity for profit had coincided, and the Shattered Silence were not about to allow other kabals secure a lead.

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