Sunday, October 26, 2014

Raids continue in the Vastrid subsector

Following her ultimatum to the Biel Tan, the princess of the Corsairs followed through on her threat. The warlike eldar were insulted and refused to leave, effectively daring here to declare war on her own kin. Instead Princess Motoko Kusanagi did something far worse. Through her contacts with the Shattered Silence kabal the outlaw eldar arranged for a force of dark eldar to ambush and expell the Biel Tan from Gabriel's world. This was an extreme act, and one which even her own followers had doubts about, but it achieved its goal. Horrified and taken by surprise, the Biel Tan were defeated by the dark eldar and abandoned the world.

Meanwhile the eldar and dark eldar launched raids on Aethor with unprecedented ferocity. The dark eldar of the Shattered Silence had turned up for easy profit, raiding the imperial guard forces on the planet, defeating the Vanaheim regiment stationed there and capturing over one thousand for slave labour. The Biel Tan also launced a raid and were similarly successful, although no slaves were taken. It seemed as if the eldar and their dark kin were once again working in concert, and the sighting of an eldar fleet in the system convinced General Veers, commander of the Perseus Deeps, that Aethor was now the target of a major eldar invasion.

The Dark Eldar decided to raid Protogonus once again in late 10.014M42. Following the defeat of the Shattered Silence another kabal decided to try their luck. If they could conduct a successful raid on the tau colony then they kabal would receive prestige as well as profit, in succeeding where the powerful Shattered Silence had failed. However when the dark eldar arrived on Protogonus they found the tau ready and prepared, and once again the tau discipline and firepower proved superior to dark eldar speed and agility. Despite suffering heavy casualties during a raid which lasted several hours, the tau force defending the main colony refused to surrender and kept on fighting to the last man. Their heroic defence was just enough to give the tau time to deploy reinforcements, and the arrival of Mantas over the battlefield swiftly led to the disappearance of the dark eldar invaders. Once again Protogonus had held out against the raiding dark eldar, although at heavy cost.

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