Monday, October 20, 2014

The end of the Imperium on Zadoc

The end of the imperial presence on the subsector capital was both bloody and shameful, as the imperium, now leaderless, suffered one final ignominious defeat as Windgather's army arrived at Hannuse island. The tau forces landed on both sides of the island, catching a regiment of Vanaheim guard in a vice they could not excape. Though they fought with tenacity, the imperial soldiers were outgunned and outmanouvered once again, as the tau showed their mastery over the servants of the emperor.

As the Vanaheim Guard died in a heroic struggle to hold Montene for as long as possible, the Novgorod Guard, used so often as cannon-fodder by imperial generals, finally revolted as they realised that the evacuation of imperial forces from Montene included their equipment, but not the men. The Imperial Fists were called in to protect the remaining space port from their own side, and a ring of yellow clad super humans formed the last line of defence of the imperium on Zadoc. The Novgorod regiment attacked them none-the-less, and a brutal bloody engagement left thousands dead and left the tau and chaos forces on Zadoc in no doubt that the imperium was finished on the world. The last imperial citizens escaped on 2010.014M42, leaving the planet to be fought over by the alliance and ruinous powers.

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