Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shattered Silence raid Protogonus

While the alliance continued their campaign in the Zadoc subsector the Shattered Silence kabal decided to take the opportunity of a potential profit making venture in the depths of space between the subsectors. Far from the Aleph expansion sphere and won from the imperium in .006M42, Protogonus had grown into a small but succesful tau colony. It was however in the middle of nowhere and not strategically useful to the tau. To the dark eldar it was situated in an ideal position from where raids could be launched across the sector. With this in mind the Archon of the Shattered Silence sanctioned an exploratory assault.

Truth be told however the leader of the kabal was not having everything his own way. His dalliance with the Rillietan and his acceptance of their missions on behalf of the alliance had led to private scorn and derision of his leadership. Where was the profit in helping the tau and eldar? Several lieutenants were now openly challenging the Archon's right to rule, but rather than challenge them, he sought a more ingenious way to assess their danger.

And so it was not the Archon himself who led the raid on Protogonus, and critically the leader of the Shattered Silence had failed to inform his lieutenant of the exact strength of the tau defending their remote outpost. The dark eldar suffered a mauling on the tau colony, and the reputation of the Shattered Silence was temporarily dented. However one challenger to the Archon's leadership had been effectively neutralised.

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