Thursday, October 23, 2014

Imperial strike back on Glossop V

The Biel Tan invasion of Glossop V was dealt with ruthlessly by the imperium once the reinforcements had arrived. In addition to an imperial guard regiment General Pollack now had two companies of Astartes ready to engage the enemy, and an Adeptus Mechanicus task force. After a brief discussion a plan was agreed. The Biel Tan would be dealt with first and the advance guard of hive fleet Medusa second.

The Astartes were the first to strike, with both the Dark Angels and Imperial Fists organising their forces into small patrols in order to locate the enemy and pin them down for the larger Mechanicum and guard forces to mop up. Both astartes chapters were succesful in their mission, with both the Imperial Fists and Dark Angels successfully engaging and destroying Biel Tan forces and allowing the Mechanicum to engage the main eldar warhost. In two subsequent actions the Adeptus Mechanicus forces battered the eldar back to their warp gate, and the xenos were obliged to abandon their bridgehead on the world. After 2010.014M42 no further eldar forces were encountered and the world was declared free of one of the two xenos species which had recently been discovered. Now the imperium turned their attention to the tyranid threat.

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