Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Hive Fleet Medusa

The tyranids found by the eldar on Gabriel's World were not confined to the eldar planet. Although the eldar and imperial forces did not exchange intelligence willingly, both sides listened in on each other's business and both were soon to become aware of the nascent threat facing both in the Cerrack Nebula. Just days after the botched eradication attempt on the Corsair world, the tyranid menace surfaced on the imperial held world of Quim.

Quim had been quiet since its suppression in 012M42, so the imperial guard stationed there were not expecting to fight, nor were they well equipped to deal with the sudden and furious assault by the alien creatures. As a small outpost, Quim had one large settlement and several smaller ones, protected by a ring of forts and regular imperial patrols. It was one such patrol that faced a sudden ambush on 0610_014M42, and after a fierce close quarters struggle, only a few remnants of the imperial patrol managed to stagger back to the capital, Camiel.

It was now clear that hive fleet Nemesis, although apparently in decline, was not the only tendril of the tyranid menace active in the sector. Another had been discovered and the evidence was passed back to the Inquisition, who made a positive match with some of the biological samples acquired on Quim. By the end of 10.014M42 the hive fleet had a designation "Medusa".

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