Sunday, October 26, 2014

ZADOC: Chaos continue advance

On Zadoc the war was now a straight battle between the forces of chaos, a conglomeration of armies loyal to three seperate factions who were for the moment united in their goals, and the alliance, another force comprised of different factions with different agendas. Self styled Warmaster Stahl had the initiative on Zadoc however, as the Arch Cleric's eye wandered once more to the Perseus Deeps. Stahl was concerned with the war at hand however, and on 2210.014M42 launched an assault on the Tau at the city of Arenoli.

The offensive was not the largest to have been launched by chaos on Zadoc, but the Iron Warriors were in this war for the long haul, determined to take down the alliance with a succession of grinding assaults which would eventually win them the war. Their assault on Arenoli was typically brutal and full frontal, immediately causing the tau, led by Aun Shayr, to go on to the defensive. However the tau knew that to defeat the Iron Warriors they needed to secure a number of strategically important objectives, and moved their heavier Riptide units forward to do this. The Iron Warriors then sprung their ambush, Maulerfiends pouncing on the tau battlesuits causing them to flee. Following up, the rest of the Iron Warriors gave the tau no time to fire on them from their carefully prepared defensives. and the rush caught the tau off guard.

Moving swiftly through the forests which surrounded the city, the tau struggled to achieve their usual overwhelming firepower, and were obliged to retreat or face certain doom in close assault. Attempting to keep the Iron Warriors at arms length the tau fell back, but Stahl's forces had their own heavy firepower, vindicators obliterating the retreating fire warriors as they attempted to reach the safety of their second line defences. Eventually the watching ethereal realised that to fight on was hopeless, and Arenoli was abandoned to the advancing chaos force. Now the alliance controlled only one more major city than their enemy, and they were decidely on the back foot.

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