Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Hylas: Von Bismork defeated, Mechanicum reverse Imperial losses

During 10.014M42 the long war on Hylas continued on the northern plains, with the arrival of a new ork Warlord to the region, styling himself as "Otto Von Bismork". Already engaged on Zadoc, the greenskin leader decided it would be a good idea to get involved in the war on Hylas, particularly if he could win it for the ork race and steal the glory from Na'Porkleon and Kogh. He managed to convince his fellow ork warlords that he was the ork of the moment to swing the war decisively in the orks' favour, mainly by shouting loudly and getting his boyz to fire wildly into the sky. Nonplussed, the other greenskin warlords were content to let Bismork's boyz "have a good scrap", since both knew that the Mechanicum had recently arrived on Hylas in order to protect their interests - notably a research facility - in Seaford in the far east of the continent of Hylas.

For several months the war had gone quiet on Hylas as both Na'Porkleon and Kogh were wary of their new foe's abilities, and while longing for a fight, were not stupid enough to throw away years of work if the new humans had some underhand "kunnin". So they were more than happy to let Bismork test out the threat.

In the end the threat turned out to be imperial guard forces with added support, but this none-the-less was adequate to defeat Bismork's first assault. Na'Porkleon and Kogh were pleased. The threat had been assessed as manageable, and with insignificant loss of territory or boyz. Well their boyz anyway.

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