Sunday, October 26, 2014

Vastrid raids

The Vastrid subsector continued to see increased activity as 10.014M42 progressed, stirred up mostly by the arrival of the Biel Tan to the subsector in force, and the discovery of the latent tyranid threat. Both the Biel Tan eldar and dark eldar forces raided the ork world of Aspaster, with the Biel Tan motivated by a need to find out the strength of the greenskins in the region. Their motives were unclear, and in any case orks loyal to warlord Buzgob gave the alien interlopers a bloody nose, further adding to the woes of the eldar warhost. The dark eldar, keen to restock their slave resources, carried out a far more successful strike on Aspaster however, carting off several thousand bellowing greenskins to serve their industries in Commorragh. The Vastrid sector was becoming a more expensive venture, but one with tantalising rewards, and various kabals began vying for pre-eminence in the exploitation of the region.

The Biel Tan also fell foul of a raid themselves. Warmaster Stahl, keen to understand why the eldar had arrived on the left flank of his domain, sent a small force of his own to their last known location, the corsair eldar held planet of Gabriel's World. Sure enough a force of eldar remained on the planet, and were swiftly defeated in an ambush from which Stahl was able to take valuable eldar prisoners. The presence of yet another hostile force on her domain was the last straw for Princess Motoko Kusanagi, and the Corsair leader gave the warriors of Biel Tan an ultimatum. Quit the world or she would remove them herself.

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