Sunday, October 16, 2016

Chaos plan raids on Corticant and Myrentas II

Following the successful invasion of Minos Warsmith Stahl of the Iron Warriors had been quietly and patiently preparing for the nextg assault. His plan was the long game, as for too long he had seen success squandered with over zealous attacks. Chaos was no longer strong in the Perseus Deeps and it would take patience to rebuild the empire.

However in 10.016M42 the ever more reclusive Lord Tragean of Kendrenec became superceded in power by the arrival of the World Eaters legion from the warp. Led by a manifestation of Angron himself, or so he claimed, the World Eaters quickly became the pre-eminent power over chaotic forces in the sector. Rather than pursue Stahl's patient preparations Angron demanded an immediate set of terror attacks against the Imperium and Federal forces in the Perseus Deeps.

Stahl did not like this, but none the less he agreed to provide troops for the missions. Stahl couldn't afford to appear "cowardly" in the face of an alleged Primarch.

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