Sunday, October 16, 2016

Libria IV: Ultramarines Legion halt alliance reverses

On Libria IV as 10.016M42 progressed, the alliance council bolstered their holdings in Porthaven by sending in a large contingent of the Ultramarines Legion, fresh from their successful talks with Admiral Haskell. Now a full backer of the "Imperium 2.0" project in the Federacy, the Ultramarines legion deployed on Libria IV and immediately found themselves in the thick of the fighting. After being narrowly defeated by the Novogorod Guard, the Ultramarines now faced the Librians in the south, who were now supported by a Warhound Titan, who had decimated the alliance Librian forces in the Commercia district.

Fortunately for the alliance, the ultramarines had brought with them a venerable Falchion super heavy battle tank, and shortly after contact was made with the Librian guard forces, the Warhound was spotted. The Ultramarines quickly took down the Warhound's void shields with accurate Sicaran fire, and the Falchion opened up with devastating firepower. The Warhound's cockpit and rear canopy were vapourised and the mighty war machine toppled forward with a rending crash.

With the heart of the loyalist army dealt with, the Ultramarines moved forward. Even so the Librians now put up a tough fight, charging the alliance force with plasma and melta veterans, but eventually the superior alliance force carried the objectives forcing the loyalists back on a broad front, trapping some loyalist forces in isolated pockets in the southern East Commercia district.

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