Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Genestealer rising "not a concern"

+++RECEIVED: Farport
+++DATE: 1011_016M42L
+++DUCT: Aleis Bogue
+++REF: HUR1610|Xeno1187#2
+++AUTHOR: Inq Huron
+++SUBJECT: Xenos threat; Perseus Deeps
+++THOUGHT: Suffer not the alien to live

Throughout the last few months I have been monitoring the growing reports of genestealer activity in the Perseus Deeps. Cults infecting the local populace have been idenfied on at least three worlds. The governor of Hemera has uncovered a particularly seditious group, which turned out to be led by foul Xenos. The Lycaon Guard were deployed at my behest and the cult annihilated. I took the extra precuation of monitoring other Xenos transmissions and have determined that not only are the Necrons suffering this plague among the indigenous population, the traitor forces on Mordecai have also had to deal with this problem. Once again it is my understanding that the forces of chaos had no problems in dealing with the xenos uprising.

From the sporadic nature of these uprisings I can only infer that they are not yet fully under the sway of the Hive Mind of Nemesis. yes, it is Nemesis. My own Magos biologis has proved this without doubt. The Hive fleet has sent out spores before it, and far from vanquished the vile Xenos are simply plying the void somewhere within the borders of the Harakhty dynasty. How long before the storm breaks I cannot say, but I have ordered General Veers to build up the defences of Bastien and Corticant. We will be ready.

Your ever faithful servant

Inqusitor Lord Huron


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